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  Anthony Captain.

   B.Health Science Traditional Chinese Medicine. Cert Tui na Chinese massage. AACMA

Anthony has been actively pursuing the martial and therapeutic arts of china for over a decade. He believes that the guiding principles of chinese philosophy that underpin both the medical and the martial arts offer an extremely potent and time honoured method for health maintenance and understanding not only of ones self , but of the world and ones place in it . From within this context it offers a window of hope for our present dis-ease.


Kaiya Seaton I was originally drawn to an interest in Chinese medicine by my studies in Chinese martial arts. This was a development of principles that I encountered two decades ago in Chinese philosophy. This same philosophy that is expressed in the internal martial arts such as taiji quan or tai chi also imbues Asian medicine. The most basic idea is the dynamic interplay of principles we call yin and yang which is really just a way of conceptualising of two extremes or opposites. I guess we could express this in the idea that the further we extend in one direction the more mindful we need be of the other. It is not possible to have a day without a night. In Chinese medicine the mind and the body are not two separate things. They are interwoven at the most basic and highest levels. Health is about mind and body and spirit. In health a persons qi or life force is distributed in balance and harmony throughout the body by the meridians or pathways of qi. The fact that the body is covered by meridians enables us to treat both the body and the mind. It is noticeable that the way we express or don’t express ourselves emotively shows physically in the body in the meridians that show the most obvious blockages in their flow energy. The tools we use in Chinese medicine enable us to resolve these blockages and to awaken to greater knowledge of our selves. Further, by helping regulate qi and bodily function Chinese medicine is able to prevent disease and our diagnostic methods enable us to pick them up early.

Chinese medicine is brilliant for a myriad of disorders from digestive , cardiovascular , respiratory and urogenital disorders to psychological , neurological , gynaecological ⁄ obstetrics and of course muscular skeletal and sporting injuries. The therapeutic boundaries are very broad since it must be remembered that this has been the principle medicine for over one quarter of the world’s population for a very long time. Remember that in traditional Chinese medicine we treat the cause as well as the symptom. To treat the leaves without addressing the root is only a temporary measure.

INITIAL CONSULTATION: $70.00, $55 concession FOLLOW UP CONSULTATIONS: $60, $45 concession
PLUS COSTS OF PREPARATIONS – raw herbs, herbal liquids, tablets


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AACMA Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association — Member 2138

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