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Counselling Is available for teenagers adults, couples and families on issues ranging from stress management, depression, trauma and abuse, to relationships. The inner space is created to make choices based on life-enhancing decisions using active feedback techniques and psychotherapy.

Somatic Psychotherapy and Counselling

The somatic approach places emphasis on the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist and values the experiences of the whole person: feelings, body, mind and spirit. Through this work most of the difficulties we experience may become opportunities for learning and growth. Longer term psychotherapy enables the psychodynamics of this relationship to become a vehicle for self–knowledge and understanding.

Progressive Counselling

Progressive counselling is a highly intuitive therapy modality that works on a very deep level, touching the spiritual as well as the physical, mental and emotional levels. Learn to identify the difference between subtle ego driven behaviours and your true inner loving being. Learn to release old emotional and mental conditional patterns.

Relax — Reconnect — Revitalise

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