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  Geoff Heard.

   Diploma in Somatic Psychotherapy and Biodynamic Massage PACFA Reg. Clinical

Geoff is a practitioner of the somatic approach to therapy in which the road to well–being lies in an integrated approach to the body–mind and the challenges life presents. The goal is to support our becoming and being more vibrantly alive, grounded, empowered and present.


Geoff HeardCounselling: an opportunity to work on one or two life issues over a series of weekly meetings, over two to twenty weeks. A safe, confidential and empathic space is created in which you will receive feedback, support, strategies and new perspectives on your current challenges.

Psychotherapy: for those who want to go deeper into self knowledge and exploration. The possibilities here are endless, but often the therapeutic relationship becomes a crucible for understanding and changing our feelings, motivations, and ways of being and relating. A process of 6 months to a year or two or even more.

Biodynamic massage: What is impeding the pleasurable streaming of energy throughout the body? The biodynamic masseur artfully enters into dialogue with muscle, connective tissue, fluids and skin to support healthy flow.

Mindfulness: Geoff teaches Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and other courses on a regular basis. Go to mountainsmindfulness.com.au for more details.


Geoff is currently available for sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays at Katoomba Natural Therapies and at Glenbrook Yoga Space.

Fees on application.

Geoff maintains clinical registration with PACFA and has 21 years experience as a psychotherapist.

Relax — Reconnect — Revitalise

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