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  Kaiya Seaton.

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Kaiya has over 25 years experience as a natural therapist and teacher. She has managed Katoomba Natural Therapies since 1991. She has set up two health centres and has been a lecturer, author, trainer and consultant of preventative healthcare. She currently teaches the Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies at WSI TAFE – Katoomba campus. Kaiya is dedicated to treating holistically, drawing on her wealth of experience to find the right treatment for each individual, be they adult or child. By combining the wisdom of Eastern and Western traditional medicines she achieves an effective, comprehensive and enriching method of healing.


I began studying herbal medicine in 1980 with Dorothy Hall, graduating in 1983, and then continued my studies with Denis Stewart, both of them being at the forefront of herbal medicine in Australia at the time.

Kaiya Seaton After graduating I became the resident naturopath at the Blue Mountains Womenís Health Centre, a position I held there for nine years. I ran workshops on various topics ranging from food addiction to menopause, wrote literature for the centre, lectured at various community groups and medical seminars as well as running the clinic.

During this time I also ran courses independently on nutrition, naturopathy, bodywork, vegetarian cookery and stress management for both individuals and trainee teachers of stess management.

I have been in private practice for over twenty five years now and for two of those years I also worked in a pharmacy as the resident naturopath and natural health educator. It was while working there that I fine tuned my interest in herb-drug interactions and was the consultant on this topic for the pharmacist and doctors who used the chemist.

During this time I have seen changes in the health profile of the Australian public. Mothers are now wanting to help their children lose weight and find an exercise routine that suits their child. Many children are now exhibiting anxiety symptoms about their future and that of the world. Women are showing more extreme symptoms of perimenopause and people in general are suffering more from anxiety, depression and stress-related disorders, such as immune dysfunction, digestive disorders and imbalances of the endocrine system.

To respond effectively to theses changes, I have broadened my treatment base over the years, drawing on the wisdom of Chinese and Ayurvedic healing systems as well as current scientific research.

I use Shiatsu therapy as a powerful and dynamic way to de-stress participants and to promote their awareness of habitual patterns of posture and thought processes. I find Shiatsu allows the receiver to connect with their inner self and interact with their external environment in a vibrant and nurturing way.

It is my wish to help people find the space within to reconnect with themselves, each other and the world around them in a mutually enhancing, supportive and sustainable way.

INITIAL CONSULTATION: $95.00 Adult, $65.00 child FOLLOW UP CONSULTATIONS: $65.00 adult, $65.00 child
PLUS COSTS OF PREPARATIONS - herbal liquids, tablets, ointments, homeopathics, essential oils, vitamin & mineral supplements prescribed on an individual basis.

SHIATSU: $90 1 hr, $120 for 1 & 1/2 hrs

Relax — Reconnect — Revitalise

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