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  Veronica Treya.

   BA Hons1 (Comm & Media); PhD (current, Comm & Media) Dip Natural Spiritual Healing (developing); Dip Progressive Counselling (developing)
   Animal Healing Certificate (accredited Member of ISRHA) Dip Herbal Medicine; Counselling (accredited Member of ATMS)

Veronica Treya Ms Veronica Treya has over 25 years experience as a Healer, Counsellor, Teacher and Herbalist. She is currently using modalities that work on all levels of one´s being, from soul level through emotional ⁄ mental levels and to physical level. Spiritual Healing and Progressive Counselling both work toward balancing and strengthening the body´s natural healing mechanisms on all our levels. She will also give you the tools, with breath & light work, and other natural therapies, "to enable you to take charge of your own healing process".


Veronica TreyaVeronica specialises in working with Childhood Sexual Assault (adults only) and Secondary Homicide Victims ⁄ Survivors, as well as many acute and chronic emotional and physical disease states.

Animal Therapist: Veronica has a lifetime of experience working with and healing animals. She uses a Spiritual Healing modality which animals tune into almost immediately. Specialising in pre– and post–surgery healing, phobias – including storm phobia, anxieties, fears and many behaviour problems. Veronica has experience working with rescued and abused dogs that need a different approach before they can heal and re–socialise.

HEALING: $65.00–$60.00; CONCESS $50.00–$40.00; STUDENTS $60.00–$50.00;
COUNSELLING $75.00–$65.00 CONCESS $50.00–$40.00; STUDENTS $60.00–$50.00
(some health rebates available)

Relax — Reconnect — Revitalise

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